Dissertation Prospectus

A dissertation prospectus must be filed with the Graduate School at least six months before submission of the dissertation, but preferably much earlier. If you do not meet the six-month requirement, you will not graduate until six-months after submitting your Prospectus.

The primary requirement for the Ph.D. degree is submission of a dissertation that makes a significant contribution to the candidate’s field of specialization.  Specific requirements for submission of the Ph.D. dissertation are provided on the Registrar’s website.

Writing your Dissertation

Please prepare your dissertation according to the published specifications by the Office of the Registrar. The specifications and FAQs should be read through thoroughly. Should you have any questions, contact Degree Audit in the Registrar’s Office at (860-486-6214) or degreeaudit@uconn.edu for assistance.

Defending your Dissertation

The Report on the Final Examination for the doctoral degree is evidence of a student’s successful oral defense of his/her dissertation, and the document must include the original signatures of approval of all committee members. If dissertation revisions are necessary, the committee will notify the specific student. Once revisions are made, the student obtains the original signatures on the dissertation approval page. The defense date, however, is not the degree completion date. The completion date is determined by the date the dissertation is submitted to the Registrar’s Office.

Announcing your Defense

The final defense must be announced on the Graduate School website and in the Chemistry Department weekly newsletter.  The Registrar’s Office provides a complete checklist of required steps.

Timeline and Deadlines

Deadlines for the conferring of the degree are:

  • Summer Degree – August 31st
  • Fall Degree – December 31st
  • Spring Degree – 13 days before commencement