General Exam: Environmental

Written Exam:

What are the pre-requirements?

  • Environmental Chemistry I, Environmental Chemistry II, and at least two starred courses from another division (first approved by the student’s committee) are required.

When in my PhD timeline should I take it?

  • Should be taken by the end of the third year of study

When during the year is it offered? How is it announced? How much advanced notice is given?

  • The exam will be offered one to two times per year and will be scheduled in coordination with faculty members in the Environmental Division.

How do I sign up?

  • Students should contact their advisor stating intention to take the exam.

What is the format? How long does the exam take?

  • Take-home examination that will be prepared by the members of the Division and the student’s advisory committee

Oral Exam:

What are the pre-requirements?

  • Completion of the written exam
  • Completion of proposal

When in my PhD timeline should I take it?

  • Should be taken by the end of the third year of study

How soon after I’ve completed the written exam should I take it?

  • Two weeks after successful completion of the written part of the examination

How long should the presentation be? What should I cover?

  • Will include defense of an independent original research proposal in environmental chemistry as well as questions regarding general chemistry principles

Which (and how many) faculty members must attend the exam? What is the role of the general examiner?

  • At least five faculty members, including the student’s advisory committee, must attend the exam. The role of the general examiner is to ensure that a fair and comprehensive exam is administered.

When do I give my committee a copy of my proposal? How many days in advance of the exam?

  • The proposal should be submitted to all members of the Division a week in advance of the scheduled oral examination

What is the format for the proposal document (sections, number of pages, etc.)?

  • Five pages in length (including references) and should be on a topic outside the specific area of the student’s research project