M.S. Degree

A master’s degree1 may be earned under either of two plans as determined by the advisory committee.

PLAN A2: This plan requires at least 15 hours of course work (plus 9 credits of GRAD 5950) and a written thesis describing original research in chemistry.

  • Coursework – Must include at least three credit hours of independent study carrying out laboratory work or theoretical research.
  • Master’s Thesis – The Advisory Committee must approve the topic and scope of the thesis required. Specifications for preparation of the thesis can be obtained at the Graduate Record Office.

PLAN B: This plan requires 24 credits of course work but no thesis. The advisory committee may require more than the minimum number of credits.

Timeline and Deadlines

The candidate for a master’s degree must pass a final examination not later than one year after completion of course work and/or thesis. The committee will decide on the format of the exam.

Deadlines for the conferring of the degree are:

  • Summer Degree – August 31st
  • Fall Degree – December 31st
  • Spring Degree – 13 days before commencement

Students who qualify to pursue an M.S. degree, and who later wish to pursue the Ph.D. degree, must reapply for the Ph.D. program, and satisfy the qualification requirements for the Ph.D. program as if they were new students.

1 the Department does not consider a Master’s degree a prerequisite for the Doctoral degree

2 for students interested in a career in chemical research, the Department strongly recommends following Plan A