Evaluating Your Performance


New teaching assistants are more closely supervised than teaching assistants who have had experience in our department.  This supervision takes many forms:

  • Your discussion classes and labs will be visited and your performance in those classes will be evaluated.


The following evaluation will be used:

  • A TA Committee (from, and determined by, the Graduate Committee + the General Chemistry Instructors) is charged with the instruction, guidance, and evaluation of the TAs.
  • At mid-term and the end of the semester, the TA Committee will request evaluations from all the instructors the TA was assigned to, the General Chemistry Coordinators (as applicable), and the students (at the end of the term only – the students will be asked on Department of Chemistry Evaluation forms to rate your performance on a scale of 1 – 5 in lab and discussion. They also have an opportunity to provide written comments.).
  • The TA Committee will weigh the evaluations and determine the final evaluation: O (outstanding), S (satisfactory), M (marginal), U (unsatisfactory), T (terminate).
  • The Stock Room will assist the instructors in their evaluation but will not provide ‘grades’.
  • Any M, U, T evaluation will come with a detailed written or oral explanation by us. We, or the instructors you are assigned to, will make any attempt to bring any deficient performance immediately to your attention and will try to discuss corrective measures.  All evaluation documents will be collated in your departmental personnel folder.
  • You can appeal the decision of the TA Committee to the Graduate Committee.
  • We have established an e-mail address (TACommittee@uconn.edu) that you can use to ask questions, express concerns, or make suggestions. Or you can see any of us any time.


We hope the system, shown on the next page here, will clarify our expectations and help you to perform to everyone satisfaction.


If your performance is satisfactory, your assistant-ship will be renewed.    The following is a motion passed by the faculty on the non-renewal of assistantships:

“A teaching assistantship can be lost when a graduate student receives an evaluation of “terminate” (T) for gross misconduct and/or incompetence.  For less serious problems associated with teaching, students may receive a grade of U, but will be given the opportunity to improve their teaching.  A second U can lead to loss of the teaching assistantship.  These penalties can be applied after a review and subsequent recommendation by the Graduate Affairs Committee and at the discretion of the Department Head.”  (Note:  the grade M is a satisfactory grade)