General Instructions



  • If you become ill or will be unavoidably detained the day that you have to teach a class, call the instructor of the course you are teaching and TLS to inform them so that arrangements can be made.
  • If you can anticipate your absence, you will have to make the arrangements yourself. Get a form (sample provided) from the office staff in room A-100.  In this form, you will have to give the date(s) you will be absent, the name(s) of the TA(s) who will take your place, and the signature of your Advisor, faculty supervisor and if the absence will be during the last week of classes and/or during finals week, you must also obtain the Department Head approval.


Be sure to make all announcements to your discussion and lab classes as you receive them.


The books issued to you belong to the General Chemistry Program and are to be returned at the end of each semester.  DO NOT write in the books or tear out pages from the lab manual.  These books are not to be lent to your students.


Equipment and Supplies

  • photocopier and paper are available in the Chemistry Main Office (A100) for general chemistry TA’s to duplicate their quizzes. Please ask the office staff for assistance running the photocopier.  If you need more paper for the copier, it is also located in the main office.  Please keep the area around the copier clean and neat.
  • computer and printer is available in the main office for TA related duties only. Please use the computer ONLY for professional purposes.  Do not use the printer to make multiple copies.
  • At the start of each semester, you will be given a grade book. This is an important record of each student’s efforts.  DO NOT tear off any of the taped pages of the grade book you get.  They are important and must be kept.  These grade books belong to the General Chemistry program and should be returned at the end of each semester.  All your entries in your grade book should be in ink.  They should be accurate, current and complete.  Do not “white-out” any entry that you have made.  Cross out wrong entries.  Write the corrected entry next to, or above the crossed off one.  Do not write over the wrong entry.
  • You will be given a locker with a lock in the Graduate Lounge, (A-401). See Emilie Hogrebe in A-115, for a locker assignment. You may obtain a lock for your locker by contacting the Teaching Laboratory Services. You must sign up to use a locker each semester.


Do not sign any students’ forms except those connected with your lab duties (i.e., equipment sheet, make-up request, accident report).  Students requesting your signature on any other form must be sent to their instructor for a signature.  DO NOT SIGN university withdrawal slips, change of section, change of program forms, etc.

Grading and Proctoring

You are expected to grade the lab reports and the homework problems handed in by your students.  You are required to proctor and grade hour exams and finals at the time and place designated.  DO NOT schedule any activity during these times (see syllabus for schedule).  You MUST be physically present to identify your students.


New TA’s will be issued keys during the TA Orientation.  Others who need keys in connection with duties in General Chemistry must obtain them from Tyler Cardinal in room A-001.  All keys must be returned to Tyler when your duties are completed.


All new TA’s are required to attend all the lectures of one of the faculty teaching the course.  For Chem 1127, you have a choice of the following professors and times:

  1. Cady                    TuTh                9:30—10:45 AM                                 CHM A-120
  2. Barshay               MWF               12:20 – 1:10 PM                                 CHM A-120
  3. Quardokus         TuTh               12:30 – 1:45 PM                                  CHM A-120
  4. Caldwell             MWF                10:10 – 11:00 AM                               CHM A-120
  5. Cady                   TuTh                 2:00 – 3:15 PM                                   CHM A-120
  6. Barshay              MWF                5:00 – 5:50 PM                                  CHM A-120




  • Be sure to check your mailboxes at the main office and e-mail at least once a day. Notices and announcements from the faculty and/or TA’s are put in these boxes.  You should get a mailbox combination from Emilie Hogrebe in room A-115.
  • Mail for a faculty member or TA must be put it in the appropriate slot near the mailboxes.


All Chem 1127–1128 TA’s must attend the weekly staff meeting scheduled on Monday’s at 4:00 P.M in room A-304.  There are no seminars or group meetings at this time.  If you have to take courses outside chemistry, you may NOT take a course that meets at this time without prior approval.

Office Hours

Full-time TA’s are required to have two hours of office hours per week.  Half-time TA’s are required to have one hour per week.  These hours, between 9:00 A.M. and 4:00 P.M., will be scheduled for you.  You must be in room A-301 for these office hours.  Be on time and treat these hours as you would all other teaching responsibilities.  You are not allowed to have office hours in your dorm rooms or research laboratories.


You may tutor students in chemistry for a fee.  If you are interested, ask Emilie in room A-115 for the form to fill out.  You may NOT however, tutor any student that is in the course that you TA.  This applies even if that student is not in your section.