TA Laboratory Responsibilities


TAs: Here is a brief overview of the TA responsibilities for the labs. Please take the time to look these over and make sure you are doing your part.

Reagents – Refill the reagent bottles at the end of your laboratory. Extra reagents can be found in the prep room T101.

Reagent Bench – Wipe down the reagent bench at the end of the laboratory and replace the paper towels on the reagent tray. Extra paper towels can be found under the sink by the lab entrance or in the prep room T101.

Waste Disposal – Make sure that students are putting waste in the proper containers and that at the end of the lab the waste containers are closed. Absolutely nothing is to be poured down the drains. Solid and Liquid wastes are supposed to be separated. Gloves, filter paper, weigh paper and paper towels can go in the trash can. Pasteur pipette and capillaries can go in the broken glass bucket.

Broken Glass – All forms of broken glass, including Pasteur pipettes and capillaries go in the broken glass bucket. Broken glass is not to be thrown away in the trash and trash is not to be thrown away in the broken glass bucket.

Balances – Please make sure that the students clean the balances after using them.

Special Equipment – Please make sure students clean and return any special equipment used from the back lab bench, broken equipment must be recorded in the red breakage folder.

Hoods – Please make sure that all the hood sashes are closed and the hoods are set to MIN before leaving the lab.

TA Closet – Remember that there is extra glassware and supplies in the TA closet. If a student breaks something, it must be recorded in the red breakage folder.

T101 – Please check in the prep room T101 for extra reagents and supplies before calling down to the stockroom. If you haven’t been in there yet, take the time to go and look around for where items are located.

Safety – Remember to obey and enforce the safety rules at all times. Make sure that the students are wearing goggles at all times and are in proper laboratory attire.

Unknowns – Make sure students rinse out the unknown test tubes before returning them to you. In the stockroom place the test tubes in the test tube rack. Any unused unknowns can go in the unknown racks in the stockroom.

If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to ask us.
Thank you and keep up the good work!