TA Substitution Policy Change

TA Substitution Policy Change


Effective immediately, ALL Chemistry Department TA Substitution Forms must be approved by your major advisor in addition to the course supervisor.

New Procedure

If you will be absent from your assigned TA discussion, lab, grading and/or proctoring assignment you must:

  1. Find someone to cover your assignment.
  2. Fill out a TA substitution form (available in the Main Office). This form will ask you to provide:
    1. the date(s) you will be absent,
    2. the name(s) of the TA(s) who will take your place, and
    3. the reason for absence (as detailed as possible).
  3. Your major advisor should sign the form first, indicating they accept the reason for your absence
  4. Your course instructor should sign the form indicating they agree with the TA who will be covering your duties and also agree with the reason for your absence.
  5. Return the completed form to Emile in the Main Office.
  6. Any requests for a substitute during the last week of classes and/or during finals week must also have Department Head approval

The original form will be kept in the Main Office. A copy of this form will also be provided to:

  • Emilie for your Departmental Employment File
  • The Teaching Laboratory Services
  • Your Major Advisor
  • The Course Instructor


TA’s are not allowed to make any travel arrangements before completing this form and having it approved by both the TA supervisor and the Major Advisor (and the Department Head for absences occurring during the last week of classes and/or during finals week).

TA Substitution Form